What is the actual shoot like?

On the day of the shoot, we will meet at our agreed upon location and begin shooting, based off of what package you decided upon.  I would suggest bringing anything that would make you comfortable, whether that be a snack, an iPod so that you can listen to music while we walk, etc.  Your comfort and ease is of the utmost importance when we shoot.I have several lenses to use with my camera, to a varying effect for the final images.  I will also be using a portable reflector to balance light for the images, which both you and I will hold during the shoot.

What kind of outfit(s) should I bring?

For the actual shoot, the top half of your body will be more emphasized than the lower half, so the tops you bring are more important than your lower body and footwear.  That being said, you want to think about the type of images you will want in the end and your clothing should reflect that.  Do I want to appear more formal or more causal?  If putting together a complete outfit puts you in a better mindset for the shoot, I would say, by all means, dress to impress.  But once again, your comfort is more important, in my opinion.  


Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when choosing your outfits; no intensly white or light colors (it will wash out your skin), no logos (though we can cheat if need be), and patterns can work (nothing too hectic).  I would say neutral tones are fantastic, bright colors are okay, but nothing to obscene; the whole point is for the focus to be on you.  Also, we want to see you on your best day, so you should wear clothes you are completely comfortable in.

Preparing for the Shoot

The most important thing is for you to be well rested, so step one is to get a good night's sleep.  When it comes to make-up, I would say keep it simple and natural, nothing too crazy (this is if you are even going to use make-up).  I can provide a make-up person, though there will be an extra fee involved (we can discuss during scheduling).If you have several looks you are wanting to try out, whether with hair up and down, glasses, or needing to shave facial hair during the shoot, we can work towards that on the shoot.  With glasses, it is important to recognize if your lenses are anti-reflective as it will affect the images.  We can accommodate bathroom availability for shaving and other needs during our scheduling.

Shooting in a Studio

Shooting in a studio will involve an extra fee depending on the allotted time, but will enable us to shoot a different type of portrait.  

Several different types of colored back-drops are available to shoot with, along with the necessary lighting equipment to create the type of portrait you are looking for.  Bathroom and a personal make-up station are also available during the shoot as well.

For any more inquiries (such as extra costs and make-up) feel free to contact me at gcosaben@gmail.com.


If need be, rescheduling is no problem (things come up, it's perfectly understandable).  For our purposes, a bright sunny day is worse than an overcast one, so we can shoot unless it is outright raining.  That being said, if weather becomes an issue on the day of the shoot, we can reschedule as we see fit.  


For any other questions, please feel free to reach out to me at gcosaben@gmail.com




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